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Floor Buffing Machine - Flooring Maple - Basement Suite Floor Plans

Floor Buffing Machine

floor buffing machine

    buffing machine
  • also known as the polishing machine.  Consists of wool or cotton wheels that spin fast to polish metals and some plastics. Health and Safety

  • The lower surface of a room, on which one may walk

  • All the rooms or areas on the same level of a building; a story

  • A level area or space used or designed for a particular activity

  • the inside lower horizontal surface (as of a room, hallway, tent, or other structure); "they needed rugs to cover the bare floors"; "we spread our sleeping bags on the dry floor of the tent"

  • shock: surprise greatly; knock someone's socks off; "I was floored when I heard that I was promoted"

  • a structure consisting of a room or set of rooms at a single position along a vertical scale; "what level is the office on?"

floor buffing machine - Black &

Black & Decker WP900 6-Inch Random Orbit Waxer/Polisher

Black & Decker WP900 6-Inch Random Orbit Waxer/Polisher

Includes 6-in Random Orbit Waxer-Polisher - WP900, Foam Applicator Bonnet, (2) Wool Polishing Bonnets

The Black & Decker 6-inch random orbit waxer and polisher is an exceptional finishing tool. With its multipurpose capabilities and its super-simple handling features, this machine will become an immediate favorite. Use it in your garage on workshop projects, take it to the dock and shine up your boat, or break it out on sunny days and treat your car to a professional-quality detailing job, right in your own driveway.
Rubbing down a full-sized vehicle by hand can take all afternoon if you're alone with a bottle of wax, but the WP900 will tackle the task with ease. Its random orbit action mimics a hand-done finish because the circular pad rotates in on a random axis, providing a smooth result without the aching arms and superhuman effort required with mere elbow grease. Its 4,400 orbits per minute speed gives you a gleaming, swirl-free finish that'll look like it cost a fortune.
The WP900 is designed to be gentle -- on your car or workpiece, and on your arms. The two-handle style provides a solid grip that won't cramp your hands or jar your joints, and the 10-foot cord is long enough to provide real mobility.
This rugged waxer/polisher comes with a foam applicator to apply consistent coats of wax or polish, plus two polishing bonnets to create that high-gloss gleam you love. It's backed by Black & Decker's 2-year warranty. -- Cherie Priest
What's in the Box:
Black & Decker's 6-inch random orbit waxer/polisher, one foam applicator bonnet, two polishing bonnets

The Black & Decker 6-inch Random Orbit Waxer/Polisher runs on random orbit at 4,400 orbits per minute (opm) for a professional finish, making it perfect for detailing everything from small projects to tackling cars and boats. The random waxer/polisher provides a smooth, swirl-free finish thanks to its random orbit, while its two-handle design offers you a secure, comfortable grip. It also includes a 10-foot cord for finishing larger jobs without sweat or hassle. The polisher also includes one foam applicator bonnet and two polishing bonnets.

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"As soon as Tony Stark unveiled the latest Iron Man armour upgrade the others knew that, tragically, the design owed more to the bottle than the blueprint..."


Okay, ya done laughing?

Not yet?

Right-O. Hush now.

For such a corny joke this picture has a long story behind it...not quite the thousand words to accompany the picture.

Now, I'm a humungous Iron Man fan. Why else would I have so many action figures? Ya think I'm some kinda pencil necked, plastic fetish geek? Ahem. So, I wouldn't want to come within a bulls-roar of insulting my fictional hero.

As you may know, Tony's a bit of a drongo when it comes to the drink. In his case A.A definitely doesn't stand for Avengers Assemble! It's one reason amongst many why I've enjoyed the character's adventures over the years in Marvel Comics.

I first encountered the comics (and the beaut T.V cartoon!) back in the 1960s and have pretty much been a fan ever since.

Several reasons for that....

The armour, of course, and no surprises there if you've been checking out the rest of my photosets!

I gotta turtle component in my blood...and probably a TMNT one at that. (Cowabunga!)

Might have a bit of the Demon Rum in my blood as well, since my dad had the Curse in common with Stark, whose own fictional father was also overfond of the sauce.

Anyway, there I was an impressionable young ankle-biter trying to make sense of the fact that my dad wasn't the super-hero we'd all like our fathers to be. Along came Iron-Man; a fallable, periodically drunken, stone-cold genius of an engineer who wasn't super-powered per se but nevertheless tinkered together a suit of armour that made him more than a match for his meta-human foes and allies.

Well, don't want to bung it on too thick but I learned a lot from the Iron Man stories and am happy to say that I never staggered down the same road as my father, in part due to Tony's stubborn example constantly before me. His failures as much as his successes underlined my own situation.

To this day I don't drink alcohol. (And I'm not a billionaire industrialist/super heroe either.)

No need really, when you're an artist (and a costumer in particular) who has time for lesser vices! :)

Which is not to say that I'm a wowser who'd begrudge a man a drink after a hard day's work working up a big cold thirst. Perish the thought!

But I've worked through it all myself and am comfortable about it to the extent that I feel it's okay to play around a little. Maybe if Tony had a bit more of a sense of humour he wouldn't have gotten into so much trouble. Mind, he's pretty quick with the obligatory smart-arse quips when battling the baddies!

So, anyway, what with all the re-boots the character has had since the 1960s Tony has ended up falling off the wagon more times than he's upgraded his armour (which is a lot!). To us old Iron Mongerers it's getting to be a bit of a giggle...

C'mon Marvel Comic folks, after all the times he's saved the bloody planet you'd think you could give the bloke a break!

Here endeth the lesson, except to say that the picture has had only a wee bit of photoshopping and is mostly down to silly set building, lighting and posing. Okay; not playing with the toys.

The set floor is a piece of machine punched leather, the wall is the underside of my plastic drawing board. Details include: a sliderule, egg rings, a Vogon desk stapler, bits of the Spirit/Opportunity Mars Rover probe toy, assorted light fittings and the Steampunk mechanical spider-wheelchair that the villain rode in the Wild Wild West movie.

Amongst the various I.M armours I've included Tony's awesome Hulkbuster gear, the Ultimates suit (Manga inspired) and one that transforms into a battle-axe. Several are from the mega-beaut Marvel legends action figure series. Well worth the coin!

By the way, the bottle is Old Fortan and Tony got it from Bender...and yes, that's the next shot!

Invincible or what?



Wot we did during our Martian Summer Hols. One- Invaded Earth...

The basic costume behind this photoset comes from H.G Wells and his seminal alien invasion novel, The War Of The Worlds. The theme of one of the Australian Costumers Guild London Lowlifes' Feast (1997, Melbourne) was Victorian era gear, and, as always, I was keen to interpret it in some kind of science fiction or fantasy fashion.

Cue turn of the century ID4!

Always liked the original Martian Fighting Machine tripods that Wells created for the story, although am also rather fond of the manta-ray hulled, cobra-necked creations from the 1952 Byron Haskin/George Pal movie too.

Anyway, sticking with the period concept, it was just a matter of interpreting the M.F.Ms in cardboard, as well as throwing in a bit of a retro-steampunk angle to reflect the fact that this was a a late 20th century take on an essentially 19th century idea. Which informed the boxy, riveted boiler plate look that the final costumes had.

With that in mind Ken Haesler and I tooled the things up fairly quickly out of cardboard boxe, assorted found objects, plastic and agricultural tubing for the tentacles.

The head, torso and hip sections all had independent motion so we could twist and turn, kind of important for the obligatory silly dance that we did on the night.

One way or another, I always end up doing a turn on the dance floor in whatever monsterous creation I happen to be wearing at the event. Sometimes this is more practical than others....with only my dancing partners knowing how much of an understatement that is!

The 'third leg' of the tripods (the middle stump!) was operated by a pivoted pole, a little bit like running a hand pump actually.

Armament was restricted to our toy gatling guns, which made a lovely racket as well as lighting up nicely. We also had some pre-scored panels that could take 'hits' and could be blown off using streamer loaded party poppers.

Please proceed to picture 2

floor buffing machine

floor buffing machine

Hoover CH81005 Ground Command Super Heavy Duty 17-Inch Commercial Floor Machine

The Hoover CH81005 17 Super Heavy Duty floor machine is your first choice for spray buffing scrubbing stripping shampooing and bonnet cleaning With a precision balanced 1.5 horsepower motor delivering up to 175 RPMs and a triple planetary high torque transmission this unit is built to handle the most demanding jobs you throw at it. Watch as it effortlessly scrubs your floors with your choice of a 15 rotary brush or a 16 pad. For even faster results an all metal polished aluminum chassis provides extra weight for your unit. Includes a 50 safety power cord.

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